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Psychotherapy without the Self: A Buddhist

Psychotherapy without the Self: A Buddhist Perspective by Mark Epstein

Psychotherapy without the Self: A Buddhist Perspective

Psychotherapy without the Self: A Buddhist Perspective book

Psychotherapy without the Self: A Buddhist Perspective Mark Epstein ebook
ISBN: 9780300143133
Format: pdf
Page: 272
Publisher: Yale University Press

Garrison building Yet the Buddhist perspective offers another advantage: an emphasis on the value of mindfulness and self-control to free ourselves from unnecessary attachments. | Product Catalog: Amazing offer on Going to Pieces without Falling Apart: A Buddhist Perspective on Wholeness from Broadway Books. The unmotivated are difficult to treat with any therapy! Dec 7, 2013 - In fact, Consensus Buddhism does sometimes seem to consist of no more than simple meditation methods plus vague feel-good ethics. That is not a vehicle Borrowed from psychotherapy, to address the insights that fully feeling emotions is spiritually valuable and transformative, and that relationships are central to spiritual growth. On that note, I'll end by touching on a .. However I'm not familiar enough with the tantric view to say where that similarity ends.”. Feb 1, 2001 - We are taught that the ideal is a strong, individuated self, constructed and. Jun 17, 2013 - Still, he's very close. Anyway, not much more to say for now, so what I'll do is post the second half of an article I just wrote for the Mind & Life newsletter. Aug 3, 2011 - The initial challenge of Buddhist meditative practice is not merely to suppress, let alone repress, destructive mental states, but instead to identify how they arise, how they are experienced, and how they influence oneself and others over the long run.

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